Every Time

It seems that there are times I walk away from my blog for extended periods of time. Well, I do want to blog more, but I’m nut not much of a good writer. I logged back in and had so many updates to do. I used to keep on top of updates, but in recent months various life stuffs got in my way of my usual endeavors. I will once again attempt this thing called blogging. It just like handstands but it’s something I actually can do!

So I know this isn’t much of a useful post, but perhaps you may be interested to know I will getting back to my development work on my Challonge WordPress plugin. I have some unreleased changes I worked on long ago, I hope it all comes back like riding a bike. Yeah, I did make the code easier to work with in my last release. Anyway, fun stuff there.

In other news, I final—wait… *loading rant…*

Let me give some history first. So way back in December 2010, I launched my website, SolveMyCube. So since then for nearly 4 years, I was hosting the Cube Explorer server used to power the cube solutions on the site on a not-so-powerful Linux machine in my house. Since Cube Explorer is a Windows program, I ran it in wine. It worked okay. It would in a few days time, just up n crash on me. I tried writing scripts to get around this problem, it kinda worked, but ultimately failed. I had to constantly keep an eye on it to make sure it was running. Sometimes I simply forgot about it and a few individuals have gone far enough to email me about it.

So now back to my news… I moved to an AWS Windows server in November of last year. This solved all of my previously mentioned problems! I was happy. All was good until… Yeah… about mid-April. It crashed. So I just recreated the instance and that seemed to work… for the next 3 days! And this continued as I procrastinated. Then in June I investigated the issue. It turns out Cube Explorer just disappears after 72 hours. I still don’t know exactly why, but I wrote a simple batch script to restart it when it disappears. Now it has been running non-stop since then and I am very happy about that!

Lastly, I’ll just mention I recently (by that I mean more than a few months ago) received my long awaited M3D printer. I even have a dedicated cam page for it although as of this writing the printer is not operational but I should be able to get it fixed up real soon. I hope to make more posts about 3D printing.

So that’s it for now. Lovely self-deprecation n stuff. Yup.