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38 thoughts on “CHALLONGE! WordPress Plugin

  1. Really, really looking forward to this! We’re hosting a non-profit LAN party in about a month. If you want to test the plugin with some real interaction and data, let me know – we’ll be happy to help out!

    • Thank you for your kind offer! The plugin is still not far enough along, but I will see what I can do before then.

        • I really wish I could say I’ve made good progress, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Trend has it I will not make my May goal, which is very disappointing to me. I really want to get this to at least an acceptable point where I’m comfortable releasing it. I have a few ideas to better my efforts on this project. I will post another update with my progress and further plans before May arrives.

  2. Would love to use that plug-in. Any way to get noticed when it’s finished?

  3. I have searched into the dark depths of the internet for such a thing and I cannot find it any where. This plugin would be amazing to have on our LAN website.
    I cannot wait for this.

    • Apr 28, 2013 – It has become apparent at this point I am unable to continue this project. I could just keep delaying it again and again, but that wouldn’t be fair to those interested, myself included. Priorities in my life have drastically changed since I committed to this project. I will soon release the progress I have made in hope someone else may be able to continue the project. Thanks again for everyone’s support.


  4. Thanks for your interest in this project! We have no experience with WordPress plugins, but if there’s anything we can do to help out, let us know.

    We just released a jQuery plugin that I’d recommend you utilize in this project:
    While it’s just an aid for creating the iframe and setting various options right now, we plan to provide callbacks in future releases that will be driven by our streaming API (for events like score updates, attachments added, comments posted, etc.).

  5. I would love to use such plug-in on my site, you should consider to have a donate button on your page as well. Please keep up the good work, we need someone like you. I would love to see and even consider buying your plug-in too πŸ™‚

  6. Is there a beta version I could use? We are starting a small 8 team league that I need brackets for tomorrow.

    • It would be best that you use Challonge directly as the plugin isn’t ready yet. If I gave you it now, there would be little you could do with it. Don’t worry, it will be ready soon. Just keep checking back for updates. Thank you!

  7. are you still on track for release? We’ve got a real need for your plugin and would love to be beta testers!

    • I’m still on track for releasing this month. I’m planning for the first release to be the public beta, so you may test it with everyone else. Please check back often for updates and thank you! πŸ™‚

  8. Really looking forward to this mate! Please keep us posted, you are a legend if you release this!

  9. Ivik,
    Thanks for all your work. I’ve installed it and it works fine.
    Only thing is the API key gets converted to all lowercase and it remains as ‘Invalid’ after attempts to verify it. But this does not stop the plugin code from pulling the bracket in.
    thanks again

    • API keys used to be all lower case back when I started the project. This is what the validation was based on. It looks like I need to update the validation for the new keys. I generated a new API key on my Challonge account and got one with mixed case.

      If your API key is not passing validation, you shouldn’t be able to get any tournament listings with the short code (try “[challonge]”) or widget. If you load a tournament bracket with the short code, the API isn’t even used, so that should load okay without an API key.

      I definitely will fix this when I have a chance. Thank you so much for testing the plugin!

  10. [12:38:30] Jacob Mahr: body.large-module-ad {
    border-bottom: 0 !important;
    }border margin creates scrollbar?

  11. With risk of being stupid, the [challonge subdomain=”my_sub”] shortcode is not intended to “frame” in the tournaments? If I click on a certain tournament I get sent to the challonge site.

    Is this intended?

    • Yes, the listing is simply links to the tournaments and nothing more. Perhaps that may change in a future version as I’ve had thoughts on it.

      You haven’t risked being stupid; perhaps you have prompted an answer others, who haven’t bothered to comment, were seeking as well. I greatly appreciate every single comment I get (apart from spam).

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

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