Thanks Eren!

This morning, I noticed an influx of followers on my Google+. Last time I had an influx like this was when Eren McKay shared a circle with me in it. This time she shared my blog. Thank you Eren!

Well, since I’m writing, I might as well update on things since my last post.


So I actually lost my job at Team Detroit in early May. I’m not going to get into details but I supposedly lost it because they canceled the project I was almost done with. I enjoyed it there as you may have heard from my last entry.

In late May, I started work at Mango Languages. Mango is language learning that is easy. If you have any interest in learning a new language, you can do it with Mango. You can use Mango free at your library too if they carry it; if they don’t ask them to. Anyway, I know this sounds like a plug for Mango, which I guess it is, but it’s my blog so my thoughts are here.