My Logical Mind

My mind is a hyperactive one. My mind can race though seemingly hundreds of different ideas in a matter of minutes. It drives me nuts, especially when I’m trying to sleep or those occasions I really need to keep my focus on the task at hand. Well, because this post is about my mind, it will be a bit random and may not follow any one topic. Don’t worry, it doesn’t always make sense to me either.

I always notice on a movie or TV show when the computer screen is totally fake. The actor may type whatever gibberish on the keyboard and it will still do what it is asked to do. It seems only the shows and movies geared towards geeks actually pay attention to this. The movie the springs to my mind is The Matrix, the commands they used actually existed and the interfaces were believable instead of the overdressed interfaces you would find on CSI.

Probably due to the fact that I found interest in programming a long time ago, I think logically. I guess I’m kinda like Spock, but with a better sense of humor. My mind enjoys puzzles and certain challenges. That’s probably why I now have a strong interest in Rubik’s Cubes.

If a challenge gets between me and an interest, I do what I can to overcome it. A good example of this is when I wanted to know how wave files were put together. I knew it shouldn’t be so hard since wave files are as raw as you can get for audio. When I managed to make a PHP script generate waveforms in wave format, that was my first real experience working with binary data. Because of that, I’ve learned not only the building blocks of wave files, but I learned a lot about binary data. I later made my own binary file format.